Meditation Moment at the Nelson Museum

IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3501IMG_3521IMG_3502IMG_3506IMG_3509IMG_3508IMG_3524IMG_3526“Moving through one door after another – one trial after another – we are released more and more from the limits of mind and logic, our thoughts become clear, and we find ourselves connected to the helping forces of the universe.” ~ John Sandbach

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Becoming Rosalind at Shakespeare In The Park

Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak.
















I pray you do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine1017282_10200961145926060_1315965428_n

And I for no woman988643_10200961146486074_1714528894_n

What shall be our sport, then?6499_10200961147766106_1120458645_n

Patience once more, whiles our compact is urg’d: You say, if I bring in your RosalindBecoming Rosalind at Shakespeare in the Park

He was to imagine me his love, his mistress; and I set him every day to woo me: at which time would I, being but a moonish youth, grieve, be effeminate, changeable, longing and liking; proud, fantastical, apish, shallow, inconstant, full of tears, full of smiles, for every passion something, and for no passion truly anything, as boys and women are, for the most part, cattle of this colour; would now like him, now loathe him; then entertain him, then forswear him; now weep for him, then spit at him; that I drave my suitor from his mad humour of love to a living humour of madness, which was, to forswear the full stream of the world, and to live in a nook merely monastic. And thus I cured him; and this way will I take upon me to wash your liver as clean as a sound sheep.s heart, that there shall not be one spot of love in’t.

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The Glow of Hope

Heaven. A gateway to hope.  Just like a feeling I need, it’s no joke.reflection & light You didn’t know that you wanted it until the light of it penetrated your soul. You didn’t know that this glow was what you were seeking, because your heart had been shattered and the only thoughts that would spin through your head were how to protect it. But a light has penetrated your fortress, beckoning you to find the fearlessness to step forward into vulnerability. How do you regain trust after learning that your twenty-year relationship had been one continuous deception? Everything I had known, had thought I knew, had crumbled beneath me. Hiding in my house or burying myself in work would only allow the fear to slide deeper into the recesses of my soul. I didn’t want his negative pain to win. No matter the encouragement from friends that “there was someone out there special”  the thought of it made me shudder.looking through      I made myself date, but it simply became an exercise in discipline with rules I had to abide by. The rules made me face my fears, but honor myself.  Rule one: I had to put myself in a position that announced that I was looking to meet someone. Online dating made this easy. Rule two: I had to actually go on a date when asked, or if the man would be a long distance relationship interact via emailing. Rule three: Set high standards that they had to meet. I became an expert at the quick read. Because of my adherence to Rules 1 & 2 – I went on a lot of first dates. Because of Rule 3 – less than a handful of second dates.shadow of my former self      I have never met anyone quite like you before

The Rules kept me dating, but the effort was robotic and uninteresting. And I was adept at avoiding phone calls or being too busy when someone showed an interest. I was following and avoiding my rules at the same time. I added Rule four: Each new person had the potential of being a “yes”. This didn’t change my standards or my quick judgment; it just meant I allowed the spark of “maybe”.ok!This made it feel more like I was shopping for an elusive item that might show up when I turned a new corner, opened a new door. This lighthearted approach made it more flirtatious, if only in a superficial way. Then, one day when I was looking the opposite direction, this elusive item caught my peripheral vision. Hesitant, I turn to observe it more closely. I walked nearer. And within the breathe of a touch, feelings surged forward, swimming into my senses. It all became centered on one word. Hope. The glow of happiness that makes you smile at the thought. At odd times and when all alone. The light of hope exposed the surprise opening of my heart and the darkness of the fear hiding right behind, ready to cover it up again.Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.52.34 PM Rule five: Be bold and move forward when the moment presents itself. Either I take a chance on knowing love again or staying in the shadows of pain forever. What would you do?


Oh, up, down, turn around; please don’t let me hit the ground. Tonight I think I walk alone to find my soul desire to go home ~ Moby

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Poetry, Flirtations and Kisses

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 5.33.15 PMSometime between my life before marriage and my life after marriage, dating changed.  Or men changed.  Or maybe I changed.  The playfulness of dating has been replaced by nice-to-meet-you-good-bye.

Back when we were all young and good looking I enjoyed dating.  Dressing up, going out, sexy guys – what was not to like?  When my twenty-year relationship ended, it seemed everywhere I turned the men I met were balding, out of shape and excited about retirement.  And forget about any commonalities, what really matters is will you “cuddle”?  Translation,  “above all else I want to make it clear that I want sex.”  It made me wonder.  Did they all come out of sexless marriages or do they just have to state the fact so that you have it on record that they still got it?   Before you broadcast how important affection is to you, could we first find out if we even want to go to the same movie? Has the pain of the past created such blocks that we have to roll out the list of criteria before we even say hello.  Did we enter midlife so hurt that we can’t let our guards down long enough to remember the simple fun of flirting?

How many first dates I have been on in the past three years? 20? 30?  A forgettable stream of “getting to know you” moments spent over coffee, lunch, wine, dinner.  Add to those the extended conversation via online dating/emails/messages/texting that become virtual dates.   The forced non-meeting due to geographical distance creates a fantasy that is flirtatious but empty.  When the possibility of meeting in person becomes a tangible reality, the male is more apprehensive than I am.

It seems that sexy guys have grown into confusing men who send mixed signals.  Hardest of all is the absence of sorting it out in girlfriend discussions.  Married friends don’t understand and my single friends have all but given up on dating.  But I am the cock-eyed optimist who still believes love can happen.  It is just a matter of time.  In the meantime, dating has been…interesting.

Hey I Forgot My Wallet

We met online, talked and agreed to meet for dinner.  The first red flag was when he changed the time of dinner, then changed the dinner to drinks.  Okay I’ll go with the flow.  Second red flag, he sent me a text saying “running an hour late. celebrating getting an inheritance check” (huh?).  On arrival he showed up in a t-shirt and shorts announced that he had no cash on him because he had been so excited about getting the inheritance (apparently his excitement has caused him to forget to make an effort to meet me for a date) I gave him the benefit of the doubt listened to him talk about himself for an hour while I had a glass of wine.  When the wine was gone I was done.  Good night.

Full Disclosure Required

I met him on POF.  The moment I set up a profile I was swarmed by men, so the site is appropriately named.  My profile states, “Without a photo I won’t respond”.  He sends a message pleading I consider him, includes a photo that was “a couple of years old”.   The photo looked legit.  We talk, text and email for a couple of weeks before we agree to meet.   He was witty, romantic and won me over with his words.  Just one little detail he left off, his picture was a good 70 pounds lighter than his current weight.  Now how he would have responded had it been the other way around?

Hot Tubs and Rumi Love

We met through a friend.  We decided to have dinner together, which ended up becoming him preparing dinner for me at his house.  We spent hours that evening talking and ended the evening in an outdoor hot tub under the stars.  In the five hours we spent together he never touched my hand or made an intimate gesture (even though we were in a hot tub!).  At the end of the night I let him know I enjoyed the evening and offered to cook dinner for him next time.  If interested, he never took me up on my offer. Okay, fine.  One would think it was a lack of chemistry and that would be that, except that since then he has sent me several Rumi poems.  “It’s no good giving my heart and my soul because you already have these.  So I’ve brought you a mirror.  Look at yourself and remember me”  Hmm…umm….huh?

By the By I’m Bi

We met at a business related event. He was tall, dark and handsome with a fabulous smile and style!.  Once I spoke with him, I put my sights on going out with him.  I sent a follow-up email “Could we meet to discuss such and such?” We meet for tea and discuss the passion we have for our businesses.  I send him flirtatious smiles, lean in close –and he is immune to my signals.  A red flag – but he is so attractive, I ignore it.  I follow-up with more emails and success!  We decide to see a movie.  The movie finishes but we continue.  We go to a coffeehouse for hot tea and more conversation.  We talk until they close.  Still not ready to end the evening we find a restaurant with fire pits and wine.  He is educated, well-traveled, spiritual, and fun.  As the mellowness of the wine washes over me and the firelight casts a romantic glow the evening hits a serious skid.  He tells me he is bisexual.  As he continues talking I go over the clues in my head.  One – he is a great dresser and concerned about the effects of aging.  Two – he loves dancing.  Three – he was oblivious to my flirting.  Snap, snap, snap.  The restaurant lets us know they are closing and we leave.  A kiss good night confirms that bi = try and internally I sigh.


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“It’s snowing still,” said Eeyore gloomily.
“So it is.”
“And freezing.”
“Is it?”
“Yes,” said Eeyore. “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.” ~ A.A. Milne

balance 554034_10200304542431383_1476048459_n 545840_10200304522470884_1970476465_n 150705_10200304541911370_115723637_n

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say what you mean

signs 1sings 2signs 3

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On The First Day Of Christmas….

12 dayspartridge in a pear treeturtle dovesFrench Hencalling birds5 golden ringsswans a swimmingmaids a milkinglords a leapingdrummers drumming

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The status of canihaveabite from 2010 – 2012. Or how I went from teaching pilates to starting a food business

May 21 2010
Yesterday I spoke with two French men via skype and we agreed to a 3 day rendezvous in July. Hey, get your minds out of the gutter – it’s all about business and it’s all about food (didn’t I say they were French?)

May 24 2010
canihaveabite is now an LLC and all I’m saying is watch what happens!

June 19 2010
I’m filming a video in 2 weeks at the Farmers’ Market and I need to come up with some questions to ask some of the farmers and customers. Anyone who follows my canihaveabite page knows I look at a LOT of videos, so I have my own ideas about what I want to ask to make it interesting, but I am always open to suggestions. Any ideas?

June 30 2010
3 days before filming and I’m nervous. I’m not nervous about the filming, just all the other things!

July 1 2010
I get a ridiculous amount of excitement when I realize that people in Canada, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Pakistan are reading my canihaveabite facebook page. The internet is an artist best friend 🙂

July 2 2010
Day 1 of a 3 day intensive with 2 French men that is all about food, technology, and lots of creativity.

July 3 2010
Day 2 is for filming at the market. Thankfully I slept last night – no dark under-eye circles, no glassy eyes and it’s overcast so no harsh sunlight, and at my age lighting is everything.

July 4 2010
Day 3 – putting it all together. Yesterday was so much fun and the produce was beautiful, but I’d forgotten how tiring it is to be out in the sun on asphalt for 5 hours straight. Fireworks tonight? maybe…or maybe I’ll just crash at home and watch Independence Day. Happy 4th everyone!

July 12 2010
“somehow all this texting, emailing, tweeting, commenting and status posting has turned me into e.e. cummings”

August 5 2010
“After being tossed around in the tide like a piece of debris, it is time to start swimming again. First Stroke – pilates equipment finally arrives today, ready for clients. Second Stroke – canihaveabite sits waiting, time to create the money myself”

August 9 2010
I am now offering “Staying Young & Healthy” cooking lessons. This would include one grocery tour, to learn how to buy wisely, and 3 private lessons, to learn what to do with what you buy! One class with me and even non-cooks will rediscover the joy of raw products being transformed into delectable dishes.

Sept 19 2010
No wifi till next week – unless I spend some time at a coffeehouse. I need to write a piece on some caramels for Enhance magazine, can’t post to my canihaveabite page and I need to do some research on some other items. No wifi is like roughing it!

Nov 16 2010
lots of ideas cooking – let’s see what happens!

Nov 30, 2010
I have never had a job with a consistent income or benefits. I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have to create my own income everyday?

Dec 6 2010
the coleslaw I made for dinner tonight was def blog worthy – major yums! now what is the story I create to accompany it? hmmmm…..

Dec 15 2010
Shining moment of 2010 #15: Watching canihaveabite grow from a simple request to do grocery store tours & cooking classes to becoming a Facebook page that is viewed over 900 times daily by people all over the world. I find it incredible because I call it simply my soapbox for changing the way we eat. Here’s to getting the funding in 2011 to get my website going!

Jan 2 2011
trying to get a better handle on twitter, maybe once I get my iphone I’ll utilize it more. However, just discover how to see how often my tweets get mentioned or retweeted (my tweets are all from my canihaveabite or pilates page) NY Times mentioned canihaveabite? wow! that’s pretty cool!

Jan 9 2011
I’m teaching a workshop on antioxidants this Saturday. Since matcha has 15x the antioxidants of blackberries and benefits the brain, I’ve started drinking it. (see the lengths I go to to prepare for my classes ; )

Jan 10 2011
I was still tired from getting up early to see a client when I decided to fix French toast and cheesy scrambled eggs. I got a phone call while preparing both and inadvertently put the cheese in the French toast mix. Oops! Turned out not to be an exciting new recipe or a huge disaster, just rather odd French toast.

Jan 15 2011
Teaching my anti-oxidant workshop today. I have been experimenting with some foods this week and discovered beet juice can taste pretty good if mixed with orange mango juice.

Jan 18 2011
I have a weekly pilates client that we end up talking about food the entire session. This can cause a new, but sometimes confusing, mix of movement “recipes” as instruction.

Jan 19 2011
thinking of creating weekly antioxidant rich salads for a program I am developing…..hmmmm do I open up that door to doing food prep again?

Jan 21 2011
time to come out of retirement (cooking wise that is)

Jan 25 2011
I never watch Dr. Oz, but happened to catch it today. If you are watching now all I can say is “yes!” finally someone else in the health field is talking about how beneficial coconut oil is!

Jan 26 2011
working on my Metabolism Workshop this Sat, working on my 28 Day Diet Challenge, first day of a new Pilates for Golf class, talked to Brookridge Country Club about future classes today, tomorrow a meeting about possible cooking classes for cancer patients…..and loving all of it!

Jan 28 2011
“watched Dr. Oz again today and there was a 28 day plan to change your health (how coincidental!) I’m just going to say my plan allows more than warm water for breakfast and no restrictions on sex!”

Jan 31 2011
I have become a Dr. Oz fan. So far every show I have watched he is covering things that I have been telling clients about for years (and getting looks like “yeah, uh huh, sure Kathy….”). So glad alternative medicine and natural healing techniques are getting support from a Western medicine doctor. Thanks Dr. Oz 🙂

Feb 1 2011
Snowy memory 1993: Debbie & I were struggling owners of Daily Bread Cafe. KC had a 13″ snowfall & we were a tiny new business & felt we should open the cafe that day. I lived close enough to walk but Debbie drove in from Grandview. We only had 2 customers all day. They were visiting from Minnesota & wondered why every place else was closed.

Feb 9 2011
“I’ve gained more twitter followers in the last couple of days. Since I only twitter the environmental, food news, healthy eating, & food science posts that I put on canihaveabite rather than what mundane thing I am doing, does that make me a nerdy tweeter?”

Feb 17 2011
Working on a web site for canihaveabite and I need to write a bio. Think I will title it “The Kitchen Dance” because food + movement = the thread of my life.

Feb 22 2011
Kind of psyched because 3 of the clients following my 28 Day Challenge have lost a total of 9 lbs in 14 days! This is not a diet about deprivation, but a plan that teaches you how to eat real foods.

March 15 2011
time to figure out some of this social media stuff as it relates to biz….

March 17 2011
Didn’t wear any green today & didn’t drink any beer, but I did eat a very green in color & green-as-in-organic meal of chard, avocados & anaheim peppers – does that count?

March 29 2011
After struggling with this 4:30 alarm clock for 2 months now, I have decided that it is easier for those who are artistically inclined to stay awake all night and watch the sunrise than to awaken before the sunrise.

April 4 2011
Every week when I am cooking for my 28 Day Challenge group there is one dish that I fall in love with. This week it is Sunny Zucchini Tabouli (say that 3 times fast!)

April 15 2011
raising a glass of cava and drinking a toast to life’s twists & turns

April 17 2011
the new food movement is all about eating local organic food. There is a local urban farm organization that has a vision of creating urban farms in every neighborhood so that it is not only healthy but can cost less too!

April 22 2011
One of those days where I can’t wait to get things underway. Lots happening!

May 11 2011
funny how seemingly insignificant little things cross your path, then you notice a common thread, then your brain connects the dots and “eureka!” you have a new concept that is the answer to something you’ve been staring at trying to work out for a long time.

May 13 2011
deep inhale in, long exhale out. Square one. I’m ready, let’s see what happens

May 15 2011
Just learned about this. There are so many resources these days available for artists and small businesses. I am already thinking how I can use this one!

May 18 2011
Once I make my mind up about something there is no stopping me.

May 20 2011
I am so grateful for all the help I am receiving from friends and clients to make this business idea a reality.

May 24 2011
“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” ~ J.M. Power”

May 31 2011
When you’re working on a business plan and you are in those final stages of will it or won’t it happen, an hour feels like a day, a day feels like a week, a week feels like a month.

June 7 2011
life is certainly unpredictable, but I’m liking the direction it is taking…

June 9 2011
must must must start writing again! I haven’t written in my blog since last fall and I have a story called “Sex & The Cyber City” just brewing in my head.

June 11 2011
I developed my own “change your diet” plan that I do with my clients. I recently found a food company that has products that are low sodium, all natural and very easy to prepare. It is great for those with nut allergies and/or sensitive to gluten, soy, and corn.

June 23 2011
I always said an artist has to work 5 jobs to make a living – both my pilates & food biz are growing, suddenly getting some work as a stylist and starting to writing again….that’s only 4 but I think it’s enough (for now!)

June 26 2011
Did a food workshop and food tasting at Pilates Reformed yesterday. I made some super fast recipes for veggies using the Wildtree blends and oil – everyone loved them! For me it is deconstructed cooking, for everyone else it is great food in a flash (most dishes take about 10 – 15 minutes – I made 8 in an hour)

July 9 2011
Had a great meeting yesterday with a web designer yesterday, got my dot com name and ready to get this thing rolling!

July 27 2011
Can it be that canihaveabite will be growing? Out of the blue some ideas I had in 1996 and have stumbled around playing with since then may be finding new life. We’ll see.

Aug 3 2011 ~Now I know why I’m a nerd – I like to eat! (posted with an article on “Dieting Making Your Brain Cells Eat Themselves”)

Aug 24 2011
Wondering what my career would look like if I’d gotten the hell out of Dodge in 1981 when I almost moved to the West Coast – Would I be own a house in Malibu because I developed such a successful vegetarian fast food franchise? Would I be one of the presenters at a pilates conference? And (shudder) would I have a face full of Botox and Restylane to go with my successful CA lifestyle?

Aug 27 2011
Learn2Eat @ my Conscious Eating workshop at Learning2FLy today @ noon
Learn2FLy is at 4711 Lamar. Cost is $20. Conscious Eating means you stop the cycle of yoyo dieting and feed your body instead of depriving it.

Aug 31 2011
A client who has been doing pilates with me for the past couple of months told me this morning her fall clothes are really baggy! She started at at the beginning of July 2x a week, then in August changed to 3x and now wants to do 5x. Pretty soon all she will be hearing is “you are looking soooo fine!”

Sept 5 2011
my status on 9/5 for 3 yrs: 2009 “totally wiped out but ready for what awaits” (that year a bad marriage situation forced me to move without much more than books & clothes & without any financial support) 2010 “pack a little, procrastinate a little” (unexpectedly had to move again). And today? “One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”

Sept 6 2011
“Ever felt like the universe is pushing you to do something and you try and fail, hit a wall a dozen times, decide you were wrong, then it comes back into view only to disappear again? Don’t quit ever. That hidden door can open right when you least expect it.”

Sept 16 2011
texting, emailing, voicemail, fb messages, 3 email addresses, 2 online calendars, 2 personal calendars, 3 businesses, 4+ locations, 7 separate income streams -whew! good thing I am good at multi-tasking!

Sept 29 2011
This week I have been called to teach an aerial yoga (fun fun fun!), a ball class and a yoga class (VERY different than teaching aerial) and on Saturday I am teaching a “What is Real Food” workshop at Calvary Community Wellness Center. No wonder people ask me if I am still teaching pilates!

Oct 1 2011
Food Ed workshop today for parents & kids Calvary Community Wellness Center. Thanks Mo for asking me to be a part of this exciting new program. Let’s watch this program grow into something big!

Oct 5 2011
Business is a lot like gardening. You spend endless hours prepping and cultivating in the hopes of seeing growth and then overnight it seems to explode with life, and once that happens its lots of pruning and weeding so it keeps growing in the way you envisioned.

working on outlining the app for my 28 Day Challenge and Tiana wisely reminded me to not go geeky on participants (aka keep it simple Kathy!)

Oct 19 2011
Any bloggers out there? I have been using typepad for years, but I am trying to decided if I need to switch it up.

Nov 1 2011
As I get ready to leave for the PMA Conference I find myself thinking, “what a difference a year makes!”. A year ago at this time I was still reeling from too many unexpected upheavals coming one upon the other, and to add to the stress my income was zilch (I had one private pilates session and one class a week). A year later my pilates business is growing nicely and canihavabite is developing a food app and a diet plan. It seems life is all about surfing those waves that come crashing your way.

Nov 13 2011
“Spent all morning uploading blogs, connecting to tumblr, checking twitter followers (someone from KC Star is following me? how did I miss that?) Really ready to move my body in aerial today, close my blurry eyes, and release into the breath of the movement.”

Nov 15 2011
my eyes are blurry, my neck is stiff and my brain is fried, but someday when someone says, “how do I lose weight in 28 days?” the reply will be “there is an app for that”

Nov 20 2011
I read about food, I talk about food, I post daily about food, I love shopping for food, but what I need is to find more time to actually cook the food (cause the days are short and I have grown to love eating out a bit too much!)

Dec 5 2011
One of the ladies taking my 28 Day Challenge told me she lost 3 lbs in the first week! And she was surprised because she was eating a lot of food. In my plan we don’t count calories we count food/lifestyle points so you can see where you need to improve. It’s all about keeping it real (real food that is)

Dec 13 2011
Working on setting up a cooking class in the near future so those who do the 28 Day Challenge will not only know what to eat but how to make it into delicious dishes 🙂

Dec 15 2011
I have been learning how to do energy testing (a way to see if a food/medicine is not good for you or if you are allergic to it) My kitchen has now become a place of “stand straight, close your eyes, find a neutral balanced position….”

Dec 22 2011
well you could say I just tossed the ball out into the universe to see what it stirs up. guess I’ll find out 🙂

Jan 3 2012
sweet! looks like I’m going to have a regular spot in a new magazine (details will follow)

March 4 2012   I love to cook because when I play in my kitchen a thought leads to unexpected combinations that make me feel like I have suddenly reached nirvana

March 20 2012 Coming to the end of the 3rd month of the year I am saying “yes” to the universe. What this means is when opportunities present themselves I have to say “yes” instead of making excuses as to why I “can’t” do something. The year of “yes” has been a thrilling ride so far! I’ll update soon on some of the doors that have swung wide open!

March 21 2012 For the past 3 years I’ve been posting daily on canihaveabite, and on March 1st the ascent to the next level began. canihaveabite is moving in a very exciting direction with so much energy and speed that I am bringing Kasey here for 3 months to help get the business set up. We are both thrilled, exhilarated, breathless, visualizing, creating, soaring,…..

March 22 2012  I made several pear galette yesterday as part of some catering I am doing for a friend. There is a whole extra galette that it looks like I will have to eat myself – hmmm, was that subconscious or planned?

March 28 2012 canihaveabite is changing from social media to a food education and catering/cafe business (more on the cafe later) Everything is happening rapidly and with wonderful synchronicity. I feel as though I am enjoying a most exhilarating ride!

April 14 2012
I’ve been working on a business plan for the last month, and while business is always about the numbers, this process has mad me realize I am driven by a strong passion to create change. In my heart I will always be a teacher and I will never stop getting excited when someone tells me they have stopped drinking Diet Coke (why is this one so hard for people to grasp that it is BAD news for their health?) and started eating organic food (why is this one so hard to convince them it is worth every penny they spend on it?)

May 14 2012  “Sure, it is safer and cheaper to stay home…probably. But God made the whole world and you’ve only seen a little bit of it……You are not a cog in a wheel – you have a soul, and dreams, and curiosity.”

June 30 2012  canihaveabite is launching a new program and I needed to talk to a couple of organizations about working with them. Ran into some friends on my way to the market, and instead of rushing off to beat the heat I sat and talked with them for half an hour or more. Got to the market and stumbled across the exact 2 people I needed to talk to. Lesson today – go with the flow!

August 19 2012   a man stands on the edge of a cliff and looks down at all the possibilities of his life. He reflects on all the things he could become. He knows he has to jump (i.e. make a choice). But he also knows that if he jumps, he’ll have to live within the boundaries of that one choice. So the man feels exhilaration but also an intense dread, what Kierkegaard called “the dizziness of freedom.” ~ Transom Manifesto by Jad Abumrad

August 30 2012 cooking, thinking, talking, brainstorming, laughing, talking, cooking – hello Thursday

Sept 27  2012   Success comes from moving forward when everything around you is pushing you back. It comes not from forced effort but from believing in your vision, even when no one else sees it. Success comes from knowing how to dance on with the waves instead of being drowned by them.

Nov 8 2012  Kickstarter submitted and waiting for the approval. Get ready world 4 determined women can’t be stopped

Nov 14 2012
must stop editing web site and go to bed…must stop editing web site and go to bed…..must stop editing web site and go to bed….must stop editing web site and go to bed….must stop editing….

Nov 15 2012
Stephanie your new mantra is, “my mother will always learn in the end that I was right to begin with” 🙂 thanks for your creative ideas and help on the web site

Sweet!!! Kickstarter just approved our project! Hey KC you ready for a real food smoothie cafe? We will officially launch tomorrow!

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a whole world of food to be thankful for

I celebrated Thanksgiving with a friend.  His house was filled with family and friends who had come bearing an endless stream of dishes.  We had the usual Thanksgiving fare of stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and green beans, but there was also a delightful addition of fresh guacamole, tomatillo sauce and handmade tortillas and empanadas.  The  Guatemalan guest patted out the tortillas with such ease that I was convinced I could mimic her method.   The ease of an expert does not equal easy for rookies, and I struggled with the slightly gummy masa harina mixture.  It stuck to my hands, my circles were uneven, my tortilla too thick.

While I repeatedly tried to pat out one single tortilla, my teacher patted out and browned half dozen.  She cheerfully offered advice, “a bit more water”, “not too much!” and so on until

I finally managed a misshaped circle.  Once browned I topped it with a small mountain of guacamole and a splash of the best tomatillo sauce I have ever tasted.

From now on, any time I taste this traditional Guatemalan dish it will always be accompanied by the memory of how much fun I had learning how to do so from such joyful teacher.

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stop, breathe, see

All week we email, tweet, text, post, share.   An endless link of actions that push us from  the opening of our eyes in the morning till we close them again at night.  Stop, breathe, see, be and watch the beauty open up all around you

When I look around I see blue skies  I see butterflies for us

Listen to the sound and lose it , Its sweet music and dance with me

Stop and smell the flowers  And lose it the sweet music and dance with me

We need more lovin’  We need more money, they say  Change is gonna come

Heya throw your hands up and holla Remember god is giving you beauty in the world ~ Macy Gray

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